In order to provide you the best service quality between Turkey and Italy line, we carefully continue to execute our Full/Groupage service from beginning to end with our offices, warehouses and own trucks. We continuously monitor your shipments from the beginning up until the point of arrival with our most advanced tracking systems as well as with the work of “Makotrans S.r.l.” team, a subsidiary company of “Metin Akdurak A.Ş.”. In our company where data flow occurs in the fastest way as a consequent of our advanced infrastructure systems, we continue to be the source of trust for our customers by eliminating any unwanted setbacks and potential delays that may occur during delivery.

Today, we perform more than 1000 trips annually between Turkey and Italy with our own semitrailer fleet that exceeds 100 in number. Our success in Full/Groupage services makes us one of the leading companies in the industry.

Full / Groupage

Our “Makotrans S.r.l.” office, a subsidiary company of “Metin Akdurak A.Ş.” regularly organizes the collection of Groupage goods from various locations in Italy and it provides service to Izmir and Istanbul with the Ro-Ro ships. Each week, we perform around 20 Full/Groupage round trips between Turkey and Italy. In addition to our standard semi-trailers, we also utilise our Mega Semitrailers that have higher carrying capacity in order to meet the demand of our customers that want to ship large volumes of goods.

Fast and Secure Transportation Services

We have committed to perform Full/Groupage services as well as “Facility Transport Service” with our offices, warehouse and own trucks. For us, a well provided service to our customers opens the door for a lifetime friendship along commercial trust.