In order to carry out dangerous hazardous goods (ADR) transportations, the carrier must have an ADR License. In order to obtain the ADR License, the vehicles to be transported must be suitable for ADR transportation and the drivers must have a valid SRC-5 certificate. Our company is sensitive about fulfilling the necessary rules in the transportation of hazardous goods and makes the necessary investments in both the desired vehicle types and the training of the drivers.

We are able to provide services in hazardous goods (ADR) transportation with our vehicles suitable in this field and our experienced SRC-5 certified drivers.

Tank Container Transportation

Through the competence certificate that we obtained from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for the transportation of hazardous goods, we can provide service in this area with our qualified trucks for carrying ADR goods, “T9 Certified” different size tank containers (20”,30”) and drivers that are eligible to drive trucks that carry hazardous goods with their “SRC-5 Certification”.

In addition, cleaning services can be provided besides the heating service that we provide.

Fast and Secure Transportation Services

We have committed to perform Full/Groupage services as well as “Facility Transport Service” with our offices, warehouse and own trucks. For us, a well provided service to our customers opens the door for a lifetime friendship along commercial trust.