Goods to be shipped to Turkey are collected in our Milano/Italy warehouse and meanwhile, customs clearance are also progressed in our warehouse. In this way, we can prevent any errors to be done in the customs clearance documents and restrain the time loss when exiting Italy. Trucks that arrive to Trieste can directly get on the ship without struggling at the gate of port for completing the necessary process. In addition, the customs clearance and distribution of the goods that arrive from Turkey to Italy can be done in our warehouse in Milano.

On the other hand, in our warehouse located in Izmir, export goods to be shipped to Italy are collected and the shipments are organized. Besides freight storage, we provide handling and storage services for all kinds of containers in our 25-acre open area which is located in Izmir, Turkey.

Customs Bonded Warehouse Is Now In Your Service!

Located in Izmir /Kisikkoy, our new customs bonded warehouse has finally started to launch its operations from 01.01.2021. With the launch of our new customs bonded warehouse, we have started to provide customs clearance services to our import customers (goods that arrive to Turkey) in addition to our regular transportation services that we offer. Through the investments we make on our new customs bonded warehouse and unique storage operations, as Metin Akdurak A.S. we are aiming to become one of the top companies in this industry by providing quality service to our customers.

Fast and Secure Transportation Services

We have committed to perform Full/Groupage services as well as “Facility Transport Service” with our offices, warehouse and own trucks. For us, a well provided service to our customers opens the door for a lifetime friendship along commercial trust.