While we carry your goods from one point to another, we use time efficient and environmentally friendly Intermodal transportation system that enables us to perform your shipments without displacing your goods. Using various Intermodal transportation tools such as road, ship (Ro-Ro) and train, as “Metin Akdurak A.Ş.” we are in your full service with your 45” Container shipments from Izmir and Istanbul mainly to Italy and rest of the Europe as well.

Fast, Secure and Environmentally Friendly

  • Considered as an “environmental friendly” way of transport, Intermodal transportation service generates approximately %80 less CO2 emission compare to road transportation
  • It encourages to preserve thousands of hectares forestland due to its ecological benefits
  • Intermodal transportation system doesn’t get affected by negative weather conditions and as a result it prevents any potential delays or problems
  • Goods are better protected in the Intermodal transportation compare to Multimodal transportation as the goods that are shipped don’t have to be carried away from one container to another one.
  • One of the most beneficial advantages of the Intermodal transportation system that it is easy to track and control the shipments. Thus, it helps us to improve our service quality that we provide to our customers

45" HC Container and Swap Body Transportation

Our company has started Intermodal transportation services with our 45’’ HC containers that we added to our fleet for the first time in 2015 and continued its investments in this field until today and increased its current 45’’ HC fleet capacity to 38. In addition to 45" HC containers, we have added 25 new Swap Body to our inventory to be able to provide a better service in Intermodal transportation. We continue to invest in this area in order to provide Intermodal transportation services to our customers in the best way, which we think will play a significant role in the future of the logistics industry due to the convenience it provides in transporting goods and being an environmentally friendly way of transport.

Due to the variety of goods that we ship, we have two types of containers; ‘Closed Box Container’ and ‘Curtain Side Container’. Having two different kinds of containers helps us to facilitate the loading and unloading processes of cargoes.


C 44: 13,60 x 2,43 x 2,69 (Door Height = 2,56)

C 45: 13,60 x 2,48 x 2,70 (Door Height = 2,63)

Swap Body:  13,60 x 2,48 x 2,50

Fast and Secure Transportation Services

We have committed to perform Full/Groupage services as well as “Facility Transport Service” with our offices, warehouse and own trucks. For us, a well provided service to our customers opens the door for a lifetime friendship along commercial trust.